The children of San Luis, between jungle and mountain

In this isolated region in the north of the country, it is difficult if not impossible for the poorest families to send their children to school without the help of sponsorship.

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“Why send my children to school? We’ll never be able to afford to send them to the city!”

This reflection accurately reflects the general atmosphere in San Luis. This village is located on the east coast of Luzon, the main island of the Philippines. Wedged between the mountains and the sea, the area is fairly isolated from the south, where Manila and the country’s economic center are located. From the capital, it takes over 7 hours to get there.

At the heart of Aurora National Park, the region is attracting a growing number of tourists keen to discover the rainforest, its lush flora and fauna, and its many waterfalls. In recent years, however, wooden and tin shacks have rubbed shoulders with luxury second homes, accentuating the inequalities even further.

Going to school: an impossible dream?

In the Philippines, school is theoretically free. In theory. Because you have to pay for uniforms, books, specific supplies for the practical work organized by the teachers, as well as transport and food to get to class every day. Unfortunately, the majority of poor families don’t have enough income to cover all these expenses.

The country’s poverty line is 12,000 pesos (around £205) a month for a family of 5. Below 8,000 pesos a month, a family is barely able to meet its basic food needs.

The families supported by Children of the Mekong in the region earn between 4 and 5,000 pesos. They are tricycle drivers (small motorcycle cabs), temporary workers, coconut pickers… Housing is very rudimentary, made of sheet metal, wood, and a cinderblock base. In these conditions, sending one or more children to school is often an impossible dream for these extremely poor families.

Sponsoring a child gives a chance to get an education

By sponsoring a child in San Luis, you’re helping them to go to school and take control of their future!

Sponsorship is a breath of fresh air for the family. It enables them to buy school equipment and uniforms, and pay for transport and food. It also serves as a reminder of the importance of education, and encourages your sponsored child to pursue their studies as far as possible. Your sponsorship can also be used to support the family’s basic needs (purchase of rice or various foodstuffs and hygiene products when necessary) and to ensure the health and well-being of your sponsored children. Their education is at the heart of our action, and their success also depends on their peace of mind!

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How child sponsorship helps

Individual follow-up of sponsored families

Sister Alice, a real motivational force.

The work of our charity relies on the tremendous efforts of local volunteers. Working in pairs with the “bambous”, overseas volunteers who spend between 1 and 3 years coordinating our actions, these volunteers follow the families on a daily basis.

In the village of San Luis, our work is carried out by Sister Alice, a 70-year-old nun whose smile is matched only by her motivation! A former teacher, her vocation is to respond to the needs of the poorest of the poor.

She’s the one who makes sure your sponsored child goes to school, who distributes your sponsorship money to the families, and makes sure it’s put to good use. Last but not least, she provides the families with social and moral support. Her credo: “Help everyone to know and accept themselves as they are”.

San Luis high school teachers PhilippinesWe also work closely with the secondary school to which most of San Luis’ sponsored children attend. The team is motivated by the project and available to support the children as best they can!

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