Empower Lives in Lam Lukka, Thailand

In this neglect community not far from Bangkok, sponsorship is vital in supporting the basic needs of families, enabling their children to attend school.

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Progress: 85%

Sponsored children: 12 of 14


Originally named “place for wading birds,” Lam Lukka exudes rural tranquillity yet faces diverse socio-economic challenges. Unlike remote regions, access to essentials like water and electricity is prevalent, but stark differences prevail among households, portraying the different facets of poverty.

The environments lived in by this community range from having sheet metal as walls to others owning their land, whilst some are very sick, and others are very healthy. Surrounded by rice fields and fish farms, nothing seems far away yet a motorised vehicle is needed to access surrounding towns and schools. The contrast in living conditions between families yet the similarity in the lack of development and support is particularly striking here.

Thailand school in rural village

Education: A distant dream

Despite its proximity to the city, educational aspirations for many families remain unattainable due to financial constraints. The contrast between housing conditions signifies the challenges faced by the impoverished residents, where providing education to their children often seems impossible. Poorly connected through underdeveloped and unkept roads, traveling to schools seems too effortful. Young adults in the community have ignited hope by leaving for the big city – a dream that seems so distant for the younger ones due to the limited resources and teaching opportunities.

Sponsoring a child gives a chance to get an education

Abandoned and neglected by their government, this community has been supported by 5 sisters who are about to re-open a children’s centre that had closed down during the pandemic.

By sponsoring a child from Lam Lukka, you are helping families in their everyday lives and in supporting the younger generation’s future.

Your sponsorship mainly be used to support families with their basic needs (purchase of rice, food, hygiene products etc.) and to ensure the health and well-being of the children. By offering monetary support to families, we are increasing the chances of children attending school, which is entirely dependent on the families’ affordability.

Part of your sponsorship will also go to pay for activities, equipment, and educational trips organised by the sisters.

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How child sponsorship helps

Individual follow-up of sponsored families

Sister Yamee is the programme manager of the Lam Lukka Sponsorship Programme. She has been in contact with Children of the Mekong for several years through her involvement in child sponsorship and other programmes in Myanmar and other regions of Thailand.

Her smile and everlasting energy are striking when she visits the local families and completes her daily tasks. As she has recently moved to Lam Lukka, she is accompanied by Pi Chun, a local in the community.

Along with the other sisters at the centre, Sister Yamee works closely with the schools nearby to get to know the teachers and the local families. This helps to form important relationships and make sure that every family in need is supported.

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Sponsorship costs only £28 a month.

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