Father Angelo, a life given to the poor in Kalaw - Children of the Mekong

Father Angelo, a life given to the poor in Kalaw

“Father Angelo was to his flock, a saint very sorely missed. He had lived in Burma for more than 60 years, he came out in 1931 and lived with the people of Kalaw for more than 60 years! They  built a beautiful Church and looked after the people’s needs and protected them. Although the area looks like paradise there is great poverty.”

Reflects one of our longest and dedicated supporters of Children of the Mekong. 


Rev Padre di Meo Angelo, or Father Angelo, through touching the lives of many children, was an honorable person in supporting children in Myanmar. The town of Kalaw, a hill town in the Shan States of Northern Burma, where Father Angelo resided, struggled with serious poverty. Given such a circumstance, Father Angelo devoted himself to the members of the Kalaw community. His life coming to a peaceful close in 2000, let us remember and honour his dedication to the cause that he deeply cared for. 

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