Renovation of a boarding house in Kon Hring, Vietnam

Vietnam Map
Kon Rhing is located in the heart of the Central Highlands of Vietnam.

Renovating the KON HRING BOYS’ HOME

Located in the heart of the Highlands, the commune of Kon Rhing is one of the poorest in Vietnam. This rural region is home to many ethnic minorities (Jarai, Bahnar, Sedang, etc.).

  • For many years, the Saint Paul de Chartres sisters have been looking after the Kon Rhing hostel. The home accommodates 75 young people from Sedang ethnic minorities aged between 11 and 18, including 14 boys.
  • Unfortunately, the building housing the boys is deteriorating and in a critical state of disrepair. The walls are cracked and termites are working dangerously.
  • The work will enable the boys to study and live in dignified conditions. The work involves refurbishing the three rooms (dormitory, classroom and computer room, traditional music room) as well as the roof.

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Vietnamese boys having lunch

The children of the home

Students who make it to secondary school must persevere if they are not to give in to the temptation of working in the fields or factories. The homes are a key to young people who do not have favourable conditions for studying at home: some cannot always eat properly and have no space to study.

Life in the home from the 6th year onwards, with its rules, extra lessons and balanced, healthy lifestyle, gives the young boarders every chance of completing their secondary education.


Our objectives are:

  • Improve study conditions and access to education for young people from ethnic minorities in isolated rural villages.
  • Prevent school drop-out and early marriage.
  • This project is a perfect complement to Children of the Mekong’s sponsorship programme, which enables children to go to school in peace, whatever their family situation, social condition, or ethnic origin.
Traditional danses and music Vietnam
Sister Marie Doan Vietnam
The project manager Sister Marie Doan

Our local manager is Sister Marie Doan Thi Ai Nhi. She is a nun in the congregation of the Saint Paul de Chartres sisters, and she aims to offer the best to the young people from ethnic minorities at the Kon Hring hostel. She is in charge of monitoring the project to rehabilitate the home.

Photos of the building

This building was constructed with wooden partitions and a metal roof. The project involves refurbishing this 200m² space, which houses three rooms: the dormitory, a room used as a classroom, computer room and library, and the traditional music room.

The floor, walls, and roof will have to be redone, along with the water, electricity, and sanitary systems.

Dear supporters, friends of Vietnam, the Vietnamese New Year (or Tet) is a significant holiday for our sponsored children, their families and our local managers. On the occasion of Tet 2024, we would like to thank you for supporting this project!
Team Vietnam Enfants du Mekong
Mathilde, Blandine, Agathe et Anh Liên (Vietnam Team at Children of the Mekong)

If you are based in the USA, you can donate here to receive a tax receipt for your donation.