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Sponsor a child in Vietnam

Sponsor a child in Vietnam and provide them with access to education.


Why sponsor a child in Vietnam

In Vietnam, many ethnic minorities stay at the edge of economic development. Living in remote villages, the lack of infrastructure is not conducive to sending children to school. The school dropout is very high.

Sponsoring a child ensures continuous support, allowing your sponsored child to go to school. Thanks to your support, they are encouraged to continue their education and start dreaming of a better future.

For just £28 a month, you provide your sponsored child with the opportunity to continue their education despite their disadvantaged circumstances.


Your monthly donation will cover schooling expenses like uniforms, stationery, or transportation, ensuring your sponsored child continues their education despite their family’s poverty.

You’ll exclusively sponsor your child, and your support will directly benefit them.

Upon initiating sponsorship, you will receive a Welcome Pack with a picture of your sponsored child and the details on how your monthly support specifically supports them.

How child sponsorship helps


Children of the Mekong offers a direct relationship between a sponsored child and you. Your monthly support is not going to a larger pot shared with the other sponsors. Quite the contrary, it is going directly to your sponsored child and their family. 

Children of the Mekong guarantees our sponsors and donors a transparent use of funds. Every expense is carefully controlled to send as much as we can to our beneficiaries. You can learn more about our promise of financial transparency

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You may not be ready yet to sponsor a child, but wish to support our education programmes in Vietnam? DONATE HERE!

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