Testimonial: I gifted my wife a child sponsorship for Christmas

After the birth of their son, Jeremie wanted to gift his wife, Tiphaine, a present as a way of symbolizing sharing. He gifted her the sponsorship of a 5-year-old Vietnamese boy. That was only the start of a great adventure that they are now experiencing as a family with their two children.

An intimate and engaging present

For Jeremie and Tiphaine, the sponsorship of a child from Vietnam is now a family project, a gift they have been putting under their Christmas tree for almost 3 years.

After the birth of their eldest, Gaspard, 2 years old, Jeremie wanted to get involved and give a child on the other side of the world the chance to go to school. He, therefore, gifted Tiphaine, the sponsorship of Gia Ket, 5 years old.  Gia Ket comes from Vietnam, the country they traveled to for their honeymoon.

It had been a few years since we had stopped giving material gifts at Christmas”.  Following the birth of Gaspard, he wanted to be sharing with others. “We were lucky to have a child who was in good health.  We are able to educate him and we wanted to share that with another child.

A unique relationship

It is an intimate gift that he only gave to his wife. “It is the most precious and moving gift she has received in their 10 years together”, says Jeremie. He explains that the strength and uniqueness of the gift is the special relationship they are able to create with Gia Ket via letters. It is “an effective and personal engagement that requires us to support and dedicate time to Gia Kiet”. Time is so precious in our western societies. As Jeremie points out, “it’s easy to give £1 to a homeless person, but much more complicated to take the time to converse and get to know a person”.

Tiphaine, with Gaspard and Josephine

This altruistic gift, far from the prevailing consumerism, is indeed for them a present beyond money. It allowed them to “create a long-term relationship and enrich the education of their children”. Their relationship with Gia Kiet also provides Gaspard and Josephine with “an openness to the world, and the discovery of others” and that it is now part of their DNA. This Vietnamese “big brother” will help them to realize how lucky they are to live in Europe.

While Tiphaine takes care of the letters, it will soon be up to the children to bring this relationship with their “big brother” to life. At just 2 years old, Gaspard is already very fond of the magnet with the photo of Gia Kiet on the fridge and has even made a drawing for him, mentioned Jeremie.

It is still a bit abstract for Gaspard, but in 2 to 3 years, when he will be 5 years old, he will realize that he has someone on the other side of the world who is part of his life and who calls him “my little brother”

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A traveler at heart, Jeremie knows Asia well. He lived 5 years in India and 2 years in China with Tiphaine. When their children are older, they want to make this adventure a reality and travel to Vietnam to meet Gia Kiet. For the family, “that is part of the process”.

Today they want to spread the word as it is a truly beautiful gift!

Gia Kiet when he was 5 years old


Gia Kiet is a 7-year-old Vietnamese boy who lives in the southwest of the country. Since the death of his mother from cancer in April 2018, he has lived with his father and brother at his paternal grandmother’s home. She takes care of him when his father, a farm labourer, goes to work away from home. He sadly sometimes leaves for several weeks to repay the debts incurred to pay for his wife’s medical care. The young boy can also count on his uncle to help him write letters to his sponsored parents and send them his drawings.

Gift a child sponsorship for Christmas