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Since 1958, Children of the Mekong supports children’s education in Southeast Asia.

In Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines, Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar, we help children grow through child sponsorship and education projects. Our priorities of action are:

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The children waiting to be sponsored

Sponsor a child in the Philippines
Progress: 84%

Sponsored children: 11 of 13

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Progress: 78%

Sponsored children: 11 of 14

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Progress: 93%

Sponsored children: 14 of 15

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Smiling Cambodian girl in her wooden house
Progress: 95%

Sponsored children: 23 of 24

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Progress: 92%

Sponsored children: 12 of 13

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65 years of experience

With its wealth of experience, Children of Mekong has relied since 1958 on a network of friends made up of more than 900 local volunteers.

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Providing education and support

To educate, train, and support young people so that they can improve their material living conditions and build themselves intellectually, emotionally, and morally.

Charitable expenditure

84.5% of the funds raised are dedicated to our education programmes. In Asia, over 60,000 children benefit from our work every year.

Label renewed in 2019

Children of the Mekong was awarded the IDEAS label for good governance, transparency, and monitoring of the effectiveness of its actions in 2011, which was renewed in 2015 and 2019.

Our current projects

Progress: 25%

Funds raised so far: 25%

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Displaced Children in Pallaw
Progress: 81%

Funds raised so far: 81%

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Montessori preschool Myanmar
Progress: 79%

Funds raised so far: 79%

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Heng Monychenda of Cambodia

Monychenda, a monk for peace and education in Cambodia

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womans hmong, ethnic group in Vietnam

Why do ethnic groups in Southeast Asia need help

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Vichika, a sponsored girl in Cambodia

Our meeting with your sponsored child Vichika!

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